Discovery Session

In this complimentary 15 minute discovery session you will connect over zoom or over the phone to discuss changes you would like to make and suggestions may be made on the best way to help you proceed on your journey.
This session is limited to one per person.

Reiki Session

In this one hour session, you will lie on a massage table covered with a cozy blanket. Jeannie will use Reiki energy to help you reduce stress and relax. She will work to help remove stuck energy or pain from your body to help bring your body back into balance and a deep state of relaxation.

Crystal Chakra Balancing with Reiki

In this one hour session, Jeannie will use several tools including crystals, pendulums and reiki energy to assess your chakras(energy centers), help you release unwanted or stuck energy , fill your chakras with healing energy and rebalance your chakras. This is a very relaxing session, if you feel out of sorts chances are that your chakras are not in alignment. This is a session that can help you make changes in your life if you are ready to make them.

Cord Cutting

This process usually takes between 10 – 15 minutes and may be added to a session. Sometimes when we experience pain in our body that we have no explanation for there is an energetic cord from the past that is causing this which can include past trauma or relationships. Jeannie will locate the cord and with the use of tools, crystals and angels, she will sever the cord on both ends and send healing on both ends so that there is not an open energetic wound left behind.

Angel Card Reading

15 or 30 Minute Reading

Jeannie will connect with your spirits and guides and use different angel and oracle cards to help you gain clarity in your life. This can include a short past, present & future reading or something more in depth in a certain area that you are looking for some clarity. The 30 minute reading is more in depth than the 15 minute reading. Readings can be done in person or over the phone, and will be available via zoom in the near future.

Customized Session

30, 60 or 90 Minutes
Jeannie will connect with you prior to your session to assess your needs and will create a customized session using different modalities for you that may include crystal chakra balancing, reiki, cord cutting & angel card reading . This session will work towards your goals that were discussed in the assessment.

Some Of My Creations


Unique Gemstone Bracelet

Each gemstone bracelet is created intuitively, and is never duplicated or reproduced. Jeannie combines different gemstones and charms to create a unique piece of jewelry that has a unique energy and feeling to it. Custom Gemstone bracelets each have their own story.

Mommy/Daddy & Me
Anti - Anxiety Bracelet sets

In the same way a child is created from their parents, these sets are created from the same strands of beads & thus are part of each other. When these bracelets are worn, one is never truly alone because they carry the energy of the other person with them. Bracelets can be put together at night to strengthen and enhance the bond; the more they are worn & then charged together the stronger the bond will become. They can be used to help with separation anxiety as the child will carry a part of the parent & the parent will carry a part of the child so they will always be connected, even when they are separated from each other. The different gemstones Jeannie has used have special properties of their own to contribute healing energy.

Custom Gemstone Jewelry

Each piece will be quoted after discussion of the needs and wants the piece of jewelry is meant for.


Reiki Classes

All Reiki classes are taught according to the Canadian Reiki Association Standards

Reiki Level 1 – self care
Reiki Level 2 – practitioner
Reiki Level 3 – master practitioner
Reiki Level 4 – teacher

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